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Our KVM VPS can either be installed via a template or via a custom installation from an ISO, through the integrated VNC Console from our SolusVM panel.

We offer a set of pre-defined ISOs, however custom ISOs can be requested at any time via a ticket. Our set of ISOs is as follows:

CentOS 7
CentOS 8 Stream
CentOS 9 Stream
AlmaLinux 8
AlmaLinux 9
RockyLinux 8
RockyLinux 9
Debian 10
Debian 11
FreeBSD 13
OpenBSD 7.2
Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 20.04
Ubuntu 22.04
Proxmox Backup Server
Proxmox Mail Gateway
Windows 2019 Evaluation (With Virtio drivers integrated)
Windows 2022 Evaluation (With Virtio drivers integrated)

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