Affordable Storage VPS

KVM storage servers in Europe.
Perfect for storing backups or other files, with fast world-wide connectivity and amazing support!

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full root access
Full Root Access

All of our VPS come with full and unrestricted root access.

easy control panel
Easy control panel

Our services come with fully-featured and intuitive control panel.

secure services icon
Disk encryption

Our storage servers support FDE to ensure only you can access your data!

fast ssd arrays icon
RAID60 HDD Arrays

We utilize hardware RAID and build our storage node with RAID60 arrays.

instant setup
Instant Setup

The VPS gets setup automatically after a completed payment.

premium network icon
Premium network

Our network consists of Multiple Tier-1 providers, coupled with a ton of local peering.

amazing support
Amazing support

Our friendly support team is ready to assist you 24/7/365.

chill refund policy
Secure Servers

Security is our top priority! Our KVM servers support FDE (disk encryption) to ensure only you can access your data!

Storage VPS from AlphaVPS

Very affordable

Our cheap storage VPS plans are perfect when you’re on a tight budget! Feature packed and backed by our phenomenal support!

Based on KVM

All storage VPS are based on KVM virtualization, meaning you can run your own kernel, install a custom OS or encrypt your disk!

Amazing network

With over 500+Gbps of aggregated capacity, our Juniper-based, low-latency network, will make transferring data quick and fast!

we care for you img

We Care for You

The team at AlphaVPS is dedicated to providing exceptional services and support. We believe that our Customers' success is our success as well and we're commited to taking customer experience to a whole new level!

Our team takes care of the server infrastructure, leaving our Customers with more time to work on what matters the most - their business, their code or their website.

No escalations, no tiers and no hand-offs. All of our support engineers are highly trained and will help you solve your problem in the most efficient way possible, without wasting any time.

Available in Europe

AlphaVPS offers affordable storage KVM VPS from Sofia, Bulgaria on premium low-latency network.

Sofia, BG

Test IPv4:

Test IPv6: 2a01:8740:1:76f::ea47/64

Test files: 100MB  1000MB  10000MB

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Available Operating Systems

Available OS templates for an easy 1-click reinstall at any time.

almalinux logo
Custom ISO


Ubuntu is a popular Debian-based Linux distribution developed by Canonical, loved for it's simplicity.

Ubuntu is the perfect choice for both development and production environments and is powering many of the biggest OpenStack clouds.

Available templates

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x64
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS x64


Debian is a fast and stable operating system based on the Linux kernel. Debian is composed of free and open-source software and is developed by the community-supported Debian Project.

Debian is a preferred distribution to many SysAdmins and professionals.

Available templates

  • Debian 10 x64
  • Debian 11 x64


CentOS is a free Linux distribution, which is functionally fully compatible with RHEL, without the commercial support.

CentOS usually offers long-term support and maintenance updates of each major version and is developed with security and stability in mind.

Available templates

  • CentOS 7 x64
  • CentOS 8 x64


AlmaLinux is a free Linux distribution, that is community owned and governed. AlmaLinux is focused on long-term stability and providing a production-grade OS.

AlmaLinux is a 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL and switching from CentOS and other RHEL forks is very easy.

Available templates

  •   AlmaLinux 8

Custom ISO

Should you need to perform a custom installation of a specific operating system, or would like to install an OS that is not present in our templates list, you can easily do that, by requesting a custom ISO to be mounted to your server and perform the installation via our integrated noVNC console.

control panel with buttons and statistics
Easy to use

Server Control Panel

Our fully integrated and intuitive server control panel allows easy management of your virtual machine.

  •   Start, Stop & Reboot
  •   Single-click reinstallation of OS
  •   Monitor usage of CPU & Memory
  •   Graph network usage
  •   Password Reset
  •   Console access & noVNC

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual servers usually get deployed instantly, as long as you pass our initial fraud check. In all cases, our team will quickly review all new orders and should there be any problem - contact you in a timely manner.

Yes, all of our services come with full and unrestricted root access!

By default, all of our services are self-managed, which means that we will take care of the server infrastructure, but would expect our clients to handle the software and configurations. We do our best to help as much as humanly possible, in our scope, and try to never leave a customer in the dark!

Due to the nature of KVM, downgrades are not possible. On the other side - upgrades are easy and fast!

Yes, you can! We charge 2EUR/m per IPv4 and 3EUR per month per 1TB of additional bandwidth.

No! We understand how frustrating can bandwidth overusage fees be and we've taken a different approach, to ensure our flat and predictable pricing - when you come close to running out of bandwidth, we will send a warning emails. Should you not respond and upgrade the server, we'll suspend it automatically, until the bandwidth counter is reset.

Yes, you can! Docker and Kubernetes are fully supported in KVM and can be used on our KVM VPS series.
vCores stand for Virtual Cores. Naturally, this means that the CPU cores assigned to each VPS are not dedicated. We would allow you to burst for short periods of times, however if your tasks are very CPU-intensive, you may be better off with a dedicated server!

Yes, you can!

Yes! All of our services offer native IPv6 connectivity and will come with a free /64 pre-assigned!

Yes, we do offer complimentary DDoS protection in all locations, except Bulgaria!

Yes, you can, as KVM is full virtualization!

Just like any hosting provider - we bill in advance. We also do not enforce any minimal contracts. However, should you decide to pre-pay for a longer term, you can usually get a pretty good discount!

We are so certain that you'd like our services that we offer a 14-days, no questions asked, money-back guarantee for the first VPS service on your account!

As an European VAT-registered company, we do charge a mandatory VAT, depending on the country of residence of our clients. Should you be located out of the EU, we will not charge you any additional VAT or sales tax.

We accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Crypto payments (Bitcoin, etc.) and Wire Transfers.

Got any questions?

Our friendly team would be glad to answer all your questions and assist in choosing the right product for you.