[RESOLVED] - lonovz01 network problems

  • Tuesday, 1st October, 2019
  • 14:55pm

27th Sept 2019 - We've identified a problem, which causes an OS hang and NIC reset, resulting in packetloss for all VPS on our lonovz01 node. Updates to follow.

28th Sept 2019 - We've decided to replace motherboard and NIC of the node and scheduled it for 30th Sept.

30th Sept - Datacenter engineers have conducted the MB replacement, along with the intel i350 NIC and the cables towards our switch. Unfortunately, the issues persist.

1st Oct - We're actively working towards a solution, at this point, we believe it's software related issue and it's unlikely to be a hardware-related one. We are running latest vzkernel with latest igb drivers - however hangs are still detected. Updates to follow.

1st Oct - We've completed additional tuning and issues are completely resolved.

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